Thousands of deals are made every day, like investment transactions, the purchase of goods and services, or financial services provided by banks. Each of this transactions has a carbon footprint and entails ESG risks.

The responsible investors and sustainable companies conduct due diligence for ESG risks, because these risks directly affect on their operational activities. Any company can reduce its carbon footprint simply by choosing sustainable suppliers.

Let's imagine situation, your company want to order a large batch of tables or invest in a company that produces these tables.

First of all, as responsible company, before making a deal , you should check the company for ESG risks.

If you don't make a risk assessment you would face risks, ESG risks . It isn't only reputational risks, its also financial risks, operational risks, compliance risks.

For example, this table can be made of wood cut down illegally, workers' rights are violated. The company is involved in many legal proceedings between shareholders.

And you should check it! And you have thousands of such purchases! Today the Impossibility for the companies to check several thousand contractors manually, to monitor and update ESG-risks indicators. But You can use our service, our ESG-scoring based on AI and big data technologies.

With EcoDisclosure companies will not need to hire additional staff and auditors or to spend months on manual assessment.

We will do everything for you!

With EcoDisclosure you can check quickly of ESG-risks in a few clicks and visualise entire supply chain as well as disclose non-financial information or share ESG best practices.

We create conditions for sustainable business development through the openness of ESG-information for all companies regardless of a business size, opening opportunities for small-scale business to comply with the requirements of the sustainable development.
Let's be sustainable together!

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