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Expand your capabilities by using ESG-automation with EcoDisclosure

Make use of our analytics based on ESG-data for better decision-making
Quick scanning of ESG risks and disclosing ESG information of target organizations
Our unique scanning algorithm enables you to assess the overall level of ecological, social and governance risks of your company or your contractor easily and quickly, as well as disclose non-financial information or share ESG best practices
What we do?
Our service automates the audit process of screening companies on ESG-risk level, which is a tool for integrating sustainable solutions in managing the supply chain and making responsible investment decisions
Who is it for?
EcoDisclosure service is designed for ESG-analysts, sustainability and CSR managers, purchasing managers, supply chain managers, lawyers, company executives along with socially conscious investors and start-ups
Where ESG data is used
Supply chain
Check all your suppliers and build a sustainable supply chain
Before investing, check the company for ESG risks
Green finance
Get a green loan at a reduced rate and improve your ESG rating
How It Works
Fill out the request form
Specify the information for the company of your choice
We will request information from the company
In case of refusal to provide information, we will file a request to the authorities and will collect information from open sources
Analysis of the information
Conduction of ESG-scoring using our assessment algorithm
Getting results
We send you an analytic report with an assigned rating

Our service helps to inspect any supplier quickly and efficiently

Our scoring algorithm is based on international standards such as GRI, TCFD, SASB, ISO 26000, UNGC, in accordance with the rules of regional legislation and other best practices in ESG and corporate governance
Cost reduction
Our service lowers the costs of audit firms recruitment, in-house hiring of ESG-analysts, as well as the development of the internal analytics system
Functionality: 2 in 1
We have the opportunity to not only score ESG-risks, but also score the functionality for ESG-information disclosure (ESG-showcase) on one license.
Utilization of ESG-showcase reduces the burden of having to prepare various sets of documents and filling the forms for other companies
Quick and simple audit
The report processing time - 5 working days. The organization can be checked with just one click.
Time saving for collection and analysis of the information received, as well as interpretation of the scoring result
Information disclosure
Each organization is able to share its decisions and ESG best practices with the community, to quickly post news or an ESG job-opening in the unified form.
Expansion of sales
The service allows to close more responsible sales in the short term.
Responsible companies incorporation into a database built by the service.
Large customers, in turn, can easily find a responsible supplier.
Responsible organizations with strong ratings conclude more contracts with large customers
Monitoring the state of organization
The monitoring system of the service operates continuously. We have complete control over company changes derived from open sources, we estimate its impact on ESG risk level in real time.
Real-time visualize and control the environmental sustainability of your chain of suppliers by tracking its weak links
Our mission
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